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How does Ticketlabel work?

Step by step to a successful event

Ticketlabel assists you from the very first contact until long after the end of your event. Together with you we go for the optimal results, over and over again!

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Start directly!

We understand that there is a lot involved in organising an event and that setting up a shop can often take a lot of time. While other systems throw you in the deep after registering, we believe in the power of collaboration. After your request has been received by us and we have been provided with the required information, we will immediately start setting up your personal ticket shop. You watch, while we do the work!

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First impressions are worth gold

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But that’s just the beginning

Even before we start your ticket sales, Ticketlabel enables you to stimulate online ticket sales by providing you with tools that can optimize the marketing of your event. You can analyse various user activities, track conversions, gain better insight into where visitors come from and much more. During the sales process you can adjust and optimize the marketing of your event at any time through the countless possibilities that Ticketlabel offers.

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The big day

On the big day, when your event will take place, everything has to go as smoothly as possible. Although of course we cannot fully guarantee this, Ticketlabel can contribute to this with its own free application. The entrance of the venue filled with hundreds, perhaps thousands of visitors that can’t wait to get in can be a hectic time. But to ease this process we developed a smart scan app which can turn any smartphone into a fast ticket scanner and to shorten the queues at your event venue.

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Learning from yourself

Within three days after your event you will receive your payment. But it doesn’t end with the payment only. We send you a personal report of your event, which contains an overview of the campaigns, successes and points of improvement. We will make this document for you completely free of charge. This way we can learn and make the next event even more successful.