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Ticketlabel, a custom made all-in-one online ticketing system developed for event organizers, by event organizers. Where other ticketing systems only facilitate you in the sale proces, we want to stimulate this at the same time.

Step 1
Start directly
Once we’ve received your request, we will immediately start working on your personal ticketshop. You can sit back, relax and enjoy the ride!
Step 2
First impressions are worth gold
A user-friendly ticket shop that gives the visitor a all-in experience. Not a static and outdated environment, but one that makes your event live up to the expectations.
Step 3
But that’s just the beginning
Through various marketing tools, Ticketlabel gives you the possibility to stimulate online ticket sales, and optimize this proces where necessary.
Step 4
The big day!
Nothing can go wrong on the big day. Although there is never a guarantee for this, Ticketlabel tries to contribute as much as possible to the succes of your event. This is why we developed a free to use application.
Step 5
Learning from yourself
Within three days after your event you will receive your payment. But it doesn’t end with the payment only. We send you a personal report of your event, which contains an overview of the campaigns, successes and points of improvement. This way we can learn and make the next event even more successful.

We help you to really sell tickets

Press release

Announcing your event through one or more press releases can ensure (a lot of) free publicity. The announcement phase is an important factor for both international and national events.

Event page (SEO)

Your ticketshop will always be easy to find through a professionally designed webpage, optimized for search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Social Ads

In short, targeted advertising on social media channels (Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn). Making highly targeted online advertising for your event can provide a huge boost.

Google Ads

Google’s advertising software that puts your event on the map through text-based search ads and graphic display ads.

Influencer Marketing

A new, but extremely effective way of generating publicity for your event. Word of mouth advertising through a new concept.

E-mail Marketing

Reaching a large group of (potential) customers with the push of a button. E-mail marketing is extremely suitable to easily bring your event to the attention of the crowds.

Our unique features

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Below are 3 of our features highlighted.

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