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About Ticketlabel

Born from need.

Hasan Özturk | Ticketlabel

Ticketlabel is an online ticket system based on a clear market need. Our founder Hasan Öztürk, who has been working in the event industry for many years, found that few to no online ticket systems actually contributed to ticket sales for events. He was looking for a party that could not only facilitate the sale, but also stimulate it. After he came to the conclusion that the market could not supply him with his needs, he took matters into his own hands. Ticketlabel was born.

The system, based on customer demand and market developments, was launched in 2016 and is now, three years later, ready to turn the world of online ticket sales upside down together with you. A tailor-made all-in-one online ticket system developed for event organizers, by event organizers.

A real difference

Bringing together years of practical experience and modern techniques make Ticketlabel unique in the world of events. A practical software solution that enables you to stimulate the sale of your tickets through unique features. Because we think: a successful event starts with a venue that is sold out.

Our Team

Our team consists of seven enthusiastic and motivated people with a passion for their profession and each their own expertise.

Hasan Ozturk
- Founder @ Ticketlabel
Herman Muurlink
- Creative Director @ Ticketlabel
Tijs Snijders
- Event Marketing @ Ticketlabel
Arno van Lieshout
- Developer @ Lico
Rene van Lieshout
- Developer @ Lico
Fernando Reveco | Ticketlabel
Fernando Reveco
- Head Design @ Ticketlabel